Misplaced manhole covers form part of a loose photographic study of the minutiae of our everyday surroundings, entitled 'As found'. 'As found' is a collection of photographs, taken by a number of contributors, documenting hiccups, adaptations, encounters and subversions in the street. 'As found' can be viewed in full on the Medium website.
Since their initial inclusion in 'As found', the collection of photographs of misplaced manhole covers has grown to nearly 200; suggesting their own website and attempts at categorization.

"Offentligt/ Public", Motiv, issue 13, Spring 2008.
The "As found' series of photographs are featured in Motiv magazine. See selection of featured photographs.
"Breaking Cover", Building Design, Boots, 6 July 2007.
A news article on the misplaced manhole covers website. Read the article.
"More Found than Made", Made at the Welsh School of Architecture, issue 3, 2006.
An invited article written by Jake Ford and Tim Pitman, about the 'As found' series of photographs. Read the article.
"Kerb your enthusiasm: the world beneath your feet", The Independent, Extra, 14 November 2006.
An article written by Ed Caesar, with five featured photographs. Read the article.

Joint exhibition with Jonathan Lewis, Deutsche Bank, London, April - June 2008.
Exhibited series db1, db2 & db3.

Credits & copyright
All submissions photographs are credited individually, above the image.
Lisbon photographs taken by Kevin Docherty.
Nice and Masons Place photographs taken by Ruth Metzstein.
Exhibition Road photograph taken by Charlotte McBride.
Brewster Gardens and Hatherley Grove photographs taken by Luke Tozer.
All other photographs taken by Tim Pitman.
All material published remains the exclusive copyright of the named photographers, and no contents may be reproduced in whole or in part without their written consent.